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Effectiveness of Chicken Eggshell Powder and Banana Peel Charcoal Powder as Adsorbent for Batik Waste
The Effectiveness of Coat Button Plant (Tridax procumbens) Extract as a Natural Antibacterial Agent towards Bacteria Bacillus subtilis
The Production of Alotanol Ointment (Aloe vera Euphorbia hirta-Ethanol) as Anti Pruritic and Anti Bacteria
Apllication of Urban Farming and Urban Fishery as a Self Sustaining Ecosystem
Plant Pest Rice From Kluwek (Pangium edule reinw) Extract
The Use of Wild Spinach (Acalypha Indica) as Bioindicator of Air
Utilization of Tobacco Waste and Bitter Melon Leaves (Momordica charantia L.) as A Natural Insecticide Against Caterpillar Pest
Utilization Jamblang Solution as Ph And Solution Color Indicator in Solution That Contain Heavy Metal, Formalin and Borax
The Use Of Yam Seeds (Pachyrhizus spp.) as A Biopesticides
Pemanfaatan Limbah Bonggol Pisang Menjadi Subtitusi Daging Sebagai Alternatif Pangan
Penelitian Kuantitatif Air dan Sampah di SMAK Santo Hendrikus Surabaya
Anadara Granosa Shell as Antibacterial Biocoating on Textile
The Function of the Banana Sap for a Soil Conditioner and Plant Growth Accelerator
Tabletized Lemongrass as Mosquito Wriggler Eradicator and AC Freshener
The Utilization Of Banana Excrescence Waste As A Fiber Source For Human Body In 'Meat-Like' Form
Sinabung Volcanic Ash as CO2 Absorber
The Utilisation of Rice Husk Ash and Eggshells in Making Concrete
Chicken Bone Concentrated
Loloh Cemcem as Anti Insomnia Drink
MOVIES (Motor Vehicle Exhaust Mask) from Green Mussels Shell Waste to Reduce Exhaust Emission Gas
Toxicity Of Bintaro Seeds Extract Pesticide Against Crocidolomia Pavonana F (Lepidoptera Crambidae)


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