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Arduino Based Auto Control Systems to Prevent Ship Overloaded
Smart Camera For Monitoring Animals
Effectiveness of Tro[ical Plant Cutin Extracts to Waterproof Fabric
Searching a Solution to Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Effects
The Innovation Of MLH (Magnetic Levitated House) as an Alternative Solution to Overcome Earthquake And Other Natural Disasters
Milenium Warteg Canteen
The Utilisation of Rice Husk Ash and Eggshells in Making Concrete
Borax Detector Chopsticks
Chicken Bone Concentrated
Loloh Cemcem as Anti Insomnia Drink
Modification of Gobak Sodor Traditional Game as Media Learning Easy Mathematics
MOVIES (Motor Vehicle Exhaust Mask) from Green Mussels Shell Waste to Reduce Exhaust Emission Gas
Night Sky Light Pollution Level With DSLR Camera
The Study Of Hexagonal Phenomena To Find The Mathematical Relationship In Geometrical Axis
Toxicity Of Bintaro Seeds Extract Pesticide Against Crocidolomia Pavonana F (Lepidoptera Crambidae)
Utilization Of Cellulose Acetate Membrane Made From Shrimp Shell Waste In Making Magic Mask
Wi-Fi Fan
History - Majapahit’s Ruin Wall and Mystery Behind It
History - Anggrek tebu as a batik motif typical of kotawaringin timur
History - The History of The Dayaknese Drinking Tuak in North Barito
History - Harmonization of Sunda-Jawa, Potential for the Loss of The Dinoyo Street and Gunung Sari History in Surabaya
History - Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Mary Virgin
Sociology - Stigma Masyarakat Terhadap Orang yang Memiliki Gangguan Kejiwaan
Sociology - The Meaning Of Popularity Among Junior High School Students In Denpasar
Sociology - Correlation Of Media Literacy And Student’S Score In Al Hakim Islamic Boarding School Of Yogyakarta


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