About Us

Center for Young Scientists (CYS) has a vision to be a platform in 2030 for character building of 30,000 doctors, with its missions in promoting research in elementary and secondary school levels, and improving teacher's capability in mentoring as well as constructing the atmosphere of research, with the values of honesty, equity and creativity.

To accomplish the mission, CYS builds programs :

  1. monitoring and data collecting on research topics of elementary and secondary school students
  2. construcst the ethics and international standard of student's research project
  3. constructs the standard and teachers association of research mentor
  4. develops school standard and qualification including technical counseling in inquiry-based learning implementation
  5. develops research competition system to accommodate schools of all level of research qualification

The strategic link is needed in order to accomplish CYS mission which includes : schools, universities and research institutes, teacher association, alumni of research competitions, and government. Universities and research institutes are expected to support schools with the facilities such as laboratories and equipment, as well as judges in competitions and supervisors of mentors. Alumni will always be the best in keeping the chain of communication between generations. Provincial government takes the key area of giving opportunity to the students in exposing their works through regional research competitions as a step to national and international research competitions. The teacher association of research mentors is a platform of developing teacher's capability in mentoring through seminars, symposium and workshop on educational research. Center for Young Scientists takes part in the strategic link through facilitates all key areas in a system.