What We Do

CYS has the missions to promote research in elementary and secondary school levels, and improving teacher's capability in mentoring as well as constructing the atmosphere of research.

To accomplish that, CYS constructs the ethics and international standard of student's research project, and also monitors and collects data on research topics of elementary and secondary school students.

Furthermore, we also have several programs that specifically designed for students, teachers, and schools.


CYS develops research competition system to accommodate schools of all level of research qualification. Start from your region, go to national level, and beyond... to the international level.

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CYS initiates founding of teachers association of research mentor, where we construct the standards and actively holds regular events such as symposiums, talk shows, workshops, etc.

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CYS develops school standard and qualification for youth research. We also provide technical counseling in inquiry-based learning implementation in the schools, along with the training and certification from the teachers association.

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Lomba Peneliti Belia

LPB is an annual research competition for secondary school students nationwide. They will compete from regional levels to the national level. The winners will be invited to attend the mentoring program to compete in the international level.

Lomba Peneliti Belia - Provinsi

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6 Desember 2022

Babak Final Lomba akan berlangsung secara daring melalui media Zoom dengan jadwal di bawah ini (tautan Zoom akan dikirimkan ke alamat email masing-masing sesuai pendaftaran awal).

1 Desember 2022

Selamat kepada peneliti belia yang telah berhasil masuk ke Babak Final Lomba Peneliti Belia Nasional 2022

Selamat menyiapkan diri dan sampai jumpa di Babak Final!

12 November 2022

LPB Nasional 2022 akan dilaksanakan dalam 2 babak yaitu:

  • Babak Penyisihan
  • Babak Final
10 November 2022

Selamat kepada para pemenang! Selanjutnya, kami akan mengirimkan undangan dan ketentuan untuk mengikuti LPB Nasional 2022 melalui email yang terdaftar pada panitia.