Date Description
August, 18-25 National Taiwan University Science Innovation School (Taipei)
August, 21-26 International Conference of Young Social Scientists, Belgrade (Serbia)
August, 30-31 Workshop on Research Supervision for Social Science Teachers, Bali
September, 11-12 Surabaya Young Scientists Competition (LPB Kt Surabaya)
September, 18-19 Young Scientists Competition, Bandung (LPB Jabar)
September, 22-28 Expo Science International, Abu-Dhabi (UAE)
September, 30 Young Scientists Competition in 6 regionals (LPB Sumsel, Kalteng, Jateng, DKI, Banten, Jatim)
October, 6-10 Workshop on Active Learning in Optics and Photonics, ICTP, Bandung
October, 14-19 Asia-Pacific Conference of Young Scientists, Yakuts (Rep. of Sakha)
October, 23-26 International Exhibition of Young Inventor, Jakarta
November, 6 Bali Young Scientists Competition (LPB Bali)
November, 22-23 National Young Scientists Competition (Jakarta)
November, 22-23 National Congress of Mentor Teachers AGPPI (Jakarta)